Connecting rewards and even profit potential to the implementation of NEW Knowledge, Wisdom, or Skill results in higher ROI for clients and supports Future Minded Training Brands

Providing Learners with Personal Profit by Implementing what they learn. Then, make it fun with WORK GAMIFICATION within a digital framework. Include PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION by learners and clients to achieve more Engagement. And you get more innovation, productivity, and leader mindsets. By Tokenizing learning with unlockable NFTs that contain a market value, or access to an exclusive network of achievers, the tradable NFT incentives are connected to personal assets… and all done in a Non-Competative Personal Growth centered environment.


Future Minded Training & Development or Consulting organizations, gain a competitive advantage in their L&D offerings to major clients. LEARNING TOKENIZATION will help to get more TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION. Help participants to be more engaged in Training by supporting them to PERSONALY PROFIT from applying learning and achieving organizational goals. supporting them to PERSONALY PROFIT from applying learing and achieving organizational goals.

tokenize learning


Increase reputaion and community involvement by TOKENIZING YOUR PUBLIC  TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION. Expand your marketing through your students success and active sharing of your program and its benefits by helping your student to PERSONALY PROFIT from applying what they have learned.

Learning Tokenization

Samples of Result Reward NFTs

Gamified performance measurement can automaticly deliver NFT assets which are connected to digital and real world experience platforms only accessible by NFT Holders

How Gamification with NFT Incentives work

  • Create multiple value propositions related to either your business/brand or your client’s company and its products or service that have Real Market Value.
  • OR Allocate a percentage of bonuses, training budget, or Time Off
  • Create a series of the “Experience”, Product usage, or Fiantial reward NFTs with various values and levels.
  • Educate your employees, audience, clients, or participants about blockchain and how they will benefit and even profit from NFTs with the Value you have created.
  • Reverse engineer Goals into the Behaviors that will ultimately lead to achieving those goals.
  • Gamify these behaviors using apps like Squadli.
  • Mint limited NFTs to give as specific “BEHAVIOR GOALS” are achieved and integrate into the Galileo NFT platform.
  • Create implementation Mearurment criteria to be measured through community
  • Clearly communicate what the behaviors look like and share this and the rewards with your audience.
  • Work with your client company to TOKENIZE Rewards and Benefits to expand this message post coaching, consulting, training, and maintain the system through a Retainer.
  • Create a visible measurement and communication of NFT achievements through Metaverse interation. Support the value increase of the NFTs through a trading community that desires the exclusive intrinsic value of the NFT