Build a better world through your wisdom… Every person who buys sets of 5, 10, or 12 books on your favorite platform will receive ONE NFT per Set.

Your fans will Buy one or more sets, DRAMATICALLY INCREASING your book sales, and they will have so many extra copies that they will likely donate them to local schools and libraries, or may give them to their co-workers for free. Besides the massive sales, this will help spread the book and its message to the world

Book NFT Samples

Book NFT
Book NFT

How some book NFT Campaigns work

  • Create a value proposition for your book NFT (See the article about Gary Vee’s 1,000,000 book pre-sale success here.)
  • Add additional value proposition to the NFT contract like online programs or experiences with the author
  • Educate your audience about blockchain and how they will benefit and even profit from NFTs related to YOUR Book and Your personal Time or Experience)
  • Mint 1000, 5000, or 10,000 NFTs to give FREE for multiple Book Purchases inclusive of images that represent the value proposition on the Galileo NFT platform.
  • Create a promotion on video, email, webinars, social media and news to share your ADDED VALUE to the launch of your new book
  • Work with your publisher to expand this message
  • Create a Sweepstakes of all NFT holders to win an Author Experience NFT with your intrinsic time asset NFT
  • Send Press release to Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Money
  • Coordinate with other book launch activities and partners
  • Market to crypto circles 

Need an Expert in Book NFT Marketing?

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