Fintech Future

I want to share how ONE technology will not only change how the knowledge, skill, and wisdom business will be conducted… but your lifestyle, applications or organizational data, education, and even personal finances… and even though you likely know what it is, you’re probably NOT Using it! Why am I sharing this? The Early adoption of new technology has been a key to success. Success in productivity, emotional engagement, and finances. In 1983 internet was available to the public, by 1990, only 0.049% of the population were using it. The Dot Com Boom......

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Benefit Metaverse

With so much hype about the metaverse and how customer experience will be transformed, and so many businesses like banks and brands joining, we wonder if there is an application for Training and Coaching… and, if there is any “real” benefit? Currently, learning and development experts, trainers, coaches, and consultants market their services by creating and sharing relative content to their expertise. Basically, show what they can do and how they stand out from others, to try win business. The problem is that there is so much content, that clients couldn’t possibly read,......

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Role of AI

There is a lot of talk about AI and how jobs will change and how to make better decisions and automate service… but ultimately, while AI can make data-based management decisions, it cannot lead humans! In fact, with all the tech talk, and augmentation of business processes through AI and technology, human performance still needs human interaction and human skill. The key to success is not AI, but AI supported Learning & Development for real people in the real world to implement and get real results… and this starts with industry adoption! HR, Trainers, Consultants,......

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