The Fintech Future of Training & Development

I want to share how ONE technology will not only change how the knowledge, skill, and wisdom business will be conducted… but your lifestyle, applications or organizational data, education, and even personal finances… and even though you likely know what it is, you’re probably NOT Using it!

Why am I sharing this?

The Early adoption of new technology has been a key to success. Success in productivity, emotional engagement, and finances.

In 1983 internet was available to the public, by 1990, only 0.049% of the population were using it. The Dot Com Boom began in 1995 and was responsible for hundreds of thousands of new millionaires as adoption grew and grew.

And NOW, the future is presenting a NEW Opportunity.

As of 2021, only 0.71% of the population are using Blockchain, up 283% from 2018. And it is growing exponentially!

Q: But isn’t Blockchain about Bitcoin and investing?


While people are definitely doing that and even making serious money… I am talking about something BIGGER… The Human side of emotional gratification and access to a world of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE never before accessible to the average person.

I am talking about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – basically a digital contract that can include or unlock digital or tangible assets that the holder can access. A token that can be easily traded or sold as the value of the asset increases. And more importantly, it can be gamified to improve engagement.

Future-minded Thought Leaders like Marshall Goldsmith, John Mattone, and Gary Vaynerchuk (and myself 🙂 ) are jumping on the drastic potential this technology has to offer… In fact, Gary Vee sold over amillion books in 24 hoursusing NFTs.

For example: Trainer’s, coaches, and consultants can create added value to their wisdom by giving an EXCLUSIVE ACCESS NFT to FUTURE LIVE or VIRTUAL EVENTS or TEAM COACHING when clients purchase something else of value such as:

· Online course

· Set of books

· Month of coaching

· Set of assessments

Individualsparticipating in a skills development program can gain EXTRA MOTIVATION if EACH PARTICIPANT gets an NFT that can later be used or traded for personal profit.

Consultantscan provide NFT contracts that unlock certain additional benefits or man-hours as a client uses more of their services. These can be transferred to the client’s vendors or partners as part of gamified incentives

Organizationscan create NFT contracts that provide additional value to consultants and trainers for tangible and measurable results based on connected online surveys or assessments.

NFTCertificatesthat provide additional access to private groups

These are ONLY A FEW POSSIBILITIES. Here is a video to explain a little more:

The newGLOBAL MENTOR EXCHANGEwill be launching in February atglobalmentor.aito support this new technology in the thought leader space. Innovators likeMoustafa Hamwiare creating full book and book marketing packages for clients using NFTs for massive adoption. Gary Vee VeeFriends NFTs have increased 30 times in value since his first offer… and this is just the beginning.

Please comment if you would like to join me in further education on this life-changing technology. We have meetings every 2 weeks


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